Graffiti for Your Kitchen Cabinets

October 22, 2007


I really love when magazines use fun, quirky handwriting in their designs. J and I went to a talk/book-signing for the creator of a new book called Hand Job, all about handwritten fonts and designs, and the entire book is full of stuff I want to steal. Hand drawings give such a personal element that you can’t find with proper fonts, and there’s this fun feeling that you’ll never see it done the same way twice. But anyway, to the point—I want to make my own cabinet graffiti like this one that I saw on Apartment Therapy Kitchen (it was originally on Cookie). I think it’d be fun to get recipes from all the important people in your life and then stick them up on the inside of your cabinets with the help of Wonderful Graffiti. Or I could do a breakfast cabinet, a lunch one, and a dinner. Fun!


One comment

  1. i too loved this idea. only i wanna line my cabinets with butcher paper and put up new recipes by season. i.e. pumpkin muffins, squash something now…or maybe even line them in cork tiles to pin up recipes. yay.

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