Dinner at Perilla

October 22, 2007


Sorry for the delayed post, but J and I celebrated our 1-year anniversary (yay!) on Thursday night at Perilla. As you may already know, I love this restaurant. The first time we ate there, we couldn’t even speak to each other because everything we put in our mouths was so delicious. But this time around, it wasn’t quite a home-run. We loved our appetizer—split the spicy duck meatballs. We were bummed that we didn’t get them the first time, and we should have been. The duck makes a normally hearty meatball nice and light without taking anything away, and there’s a slight hint of mint that tastes amazing in the middle. Plus, the sauce is creamy, and there’s a small (what I assume is some sort of quail) egg yolk that you can soup your meatball and sauce into. J had a Cornish Game Hen dish that was also really good—very fall flavors with apple sauce (or apple puree, or something) on the side. But here’s where it went wrong—I decided to go out on a limb and get the Wild Boar Milanese. I’ve never had Wild Boar, and I’m all about trying new things lately. But what I got tasted and looked like a breaded chicken cutlet with salad on top. It was dry, and very plain. The Wild Boar is a bit heartier than a chicken cutlet, but the flavor is very similar and I wasn’t blown away by the dish. I do have to say that Harold’s pasty chef really saved the meal for me, though, with a RIDICULOUS take on peanut butter and jelly. I don’t remember the exact description, but it tasted like peanut butter ice cream cake with a grape sorbet on the side. And J got the chocolate tart that was yummy (but mine was better!). I also had a great glass of wine that was brand new for me, but I don’t remember the name—thus my problem with wine. Definitely the highlight of the night was actually seeing Harold come out of the kitchen… twice.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed…I live tooooo far away…but enjoy hearing how Harold is “faring”.
    Thanks for keeping me in touch…
    Cheers from Down-Under XXXXX

  2. sounds like a fun time, just 86 the wild boar next time ; )

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