October 14, 2007


In the city, BYOB restaurants are a girls’ best friend. Screw diamonds, give me a cheap bottle of wine, a cheap restaurant tab, and a table full of friends. Cheesy, I know. But true. When J and I ate a huge, yummy dinner at Georgia’s Eastside BBQ (with a full doggy bag to take home), we spent a grand total of $30 including tip. And we did the same thing Friday night when we hit up Bodeguita Cubana. We splurged on our bottle of wine ($20), and then spent $30 for dinner. And it was delicious. J got a braised beef dish with rice and beans… I stupidly got the pollo. I’m not usually so boring, but it was good as far as chicken goes. It’s a teeny tiny little place—probably seats about 15 to 20 people really squished. But that’s the charm. And you can’t beat dinner for that price… with a good buzz from splitting a bottle of wine included. We got a cocktail at this really annoyingly pretentious bar afterwards called SB3 (which some googing showed me stands for Sexy B@*tch 3… why? i don’t know), and we spent the same amount that we did on dinner. I know, not our smartest move. Won’t do it again. It just wasn’t our kind of place—I’m sure great cocktails, but a little too shi-shi. But Bodeguita Cubana is down-home delicious and you should check it out. And while I’m sharing the secrets, check out this entire BYOB list from NY Mag.

UPDATE: Apparently Bodeguita Cubana couldn’t make it and is closing


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