No More Chocolate Fountain

October 9, 2007


I was walking on Avenue B last night towards Croxley Ales (amazing $.10 wings), when I noticed the lack of the infamous chocolate fountain. Right next door to Croxley, there’s usually a small cafe with a cocoa fountain on the street with a few dipping accoutrement. Personally, I thought it was disgusting. Do we know how many fingers were dipped in the molten liquid? Still, I know Jo the MasterBaker loved it. But alas… that cafe (and the fountain with it) are no more. It’s now a very sophisticated restaurant with a much more upscale decor and much simpler menu (for now, at least). The restaurant is currently unnamed, but their makeshift menu says, “18 Ave. B.” The menu is pretty meat and potatoes… literally. There are 4 different kinds of burgers, and the sandwiches are chicken, chicken salad, turkey club, tuna salad, and BLT. The sides: Idaho fries, sweet potato fries, and mixed fries. So… seriously, meat and potatoes. When I asked what the restaurant is becoming, he mentioned that they hoped to be a brunch spot. The current breakfast menu looks plain, but yummy: pancakes, french toast, omelette, egg sandwich, etc. I got the feeling that they are brand new and still finalizing all the details, but I didn’t think that the menu matched the decor very well. I didn’t eat there, so I have no idea whether the cuisine is any good. But the atmosphere is nice and clean. If you check it out, let me know what you think. And let me know what the name ends up being—that’s the fun part.

UPDATE: Jo just send me an email that Imbible actually attended the opening, so check out their review.

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