Hooray Beer!

October 4, 2007


I finally ate at Spitzer’s Corner last night. The overall atmosphere was actually rather lovely. Having walked by the restaurant a few times, I was expecting too many hipsters in one small space drinking overpriced beer. But, I was wrong. The “small space” is actually pretty big—there’s two different rooms with two different bars and a plethora of bathrooms downstairs (hallelujah!). And the “overpriced beer” wasn’t that overpriced—$6 or $7 for a pint isn’t bad. The hipsters… well, we can’t help that.

The place is termed a “gastropub”—that basically means pub with good food. And it delivers. I wish I brought a pen and paper because I LOVED the beer that we drank. It was a wheat beer (it started with a “U”) and it tasted incredibly light with a hint of apple-cider. So delicious for a fall night—and only one of the 30+ beers they have on tap. Other yummy things: the oysters, tomato “small plate”, and the burger (and the fries were extra yummy). The grilled cheese was interesting, but a little bland. And the flavor on the pork belly popcorn was really strong and warm at first, but it was overpowering by the time we reached the end of the bowl. The biggest disappointment is that the PBLT (Pork Belly BLT) that I read about on RestaurantGirl was nowhere to be seen. Did they take it off the menu? Such a bummer. But overall—really nice atmosphere for a quiet Thursday night dinner. Get there fast because this place is owned by the same people as Fat Baby… so, in about a month it’ll be in the shitter.

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  1. ah yes. heres the review. lets go together and talk about red leather and how hard it is to upholster.

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