Swapping Lit

September 27, 2007


Laura is hosting a book-swap—what a fun idea! The plan is to sign-up to send out at least two really great books that you are currently enjoying. The books can be cookbooks (that’ll be me—I’m thinking about swapping the two books above), romance novels, children’s books, autobiographies – pick your poison (as Laura says). She’ll try to match people up accordingly based on interests and assign swap partners Wednesday of next week via email. (It will be up to you and your partner if books need to be returned or not). If you’re interested in participating, email Laura at dachsiedesign@gmail.com with the following information:

Mailing address
Email address
Blog or Flickr account
Favorite section of a bookstore
All time favorite novel
A book that was way better than it’s movie version
Would you be willing to ship internationally? Y/N

I have a ridiculous amount of cookbooks in my apartment, and I could definitely use some new ideas and inspiration. So I’m ready to swap!


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