Finally! A Wine Tutorial I Can Understand

September 20, 2007



Jo the MasterBaker sent me this article about picking the perfect wine based on everyday foods you like to eat. For example, “If you like lemonade or lemon meringue pie, try… sauvignon blanc.” Or my favorite, “If you like chewy fudge brownies, try… Merlot.” But, the problem with this article is that I like every food they mention, and I know I don’t like every wine. Do I like lemonade, buttered corn on the cob, brownies, watermelon, BBQ chicken, and grilled beef with black pepper? Yes. All of them. In my mouth, now, please. But my love for corn on the cob tells me I should equally enjoy Chardonnay. Which I don’t. At all. And now I’m even more confused than I was before about wine! So I don’t know how much credence I’m giving this piece. But maybe you feel differently? Is it right on or way off for you?


One comment

  1. I related most tho this line in the article:

    “Merlot is like the Tootsie Roll of wines in many ways…”

    Now if only there could be a candy comparison to every type of wine. THAT I could work with.

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