Dine and Dash: Empanadas

September 20, 2007


I have walked past Rivington Bar almost every day for the past 2 years—it is a complete enigma to me. It is one of the most puzzling venues I’ve ever come across in NYC. It’s a bar, yet… it’s never open. Seriously, I’ve walked past at 10pm on a Wednesday night more than once, and the place is completely shutdown and locked up. I think that the dudes who own it just randomly decide to open—like, “The game’s on tonight and we’re all gonna watch it anyways, we might as well open the bar.” And several times I’ve passed it to watch a riveting game of Nintendo/PS2/X-Box/Game-ish device. I even ventured inside once, and I was met with the abrasive din of trip-hop. It’s a teeny bar. There’s no room for trip-hop. Anyways… if I think too hard about this place, my brain starts to hurt. But, there’s an added weird-factor to the bar now. Apparently, as of tonight, they are serving empanadas at a walk-up window. They said that they’ll be open every night, 7 days a week, from 5pm ’til 4am. Yeah… I’ll believe that when I see it. But why empanadas, Rivington Bar? Why? Do you just enjoy screwing with my mind? Why do you think that trip-hop, strange Euro-style, and empanadas mix? Ahhh…. too much to handle.

UPDATE: Per Nick’s comment, the empanada confusion has been solved. Rivington Bar is no longer… hallelujah! It’s now run by the ex-General Manager of Cielo, and it’s been renamed Label—for more info check here. I’m going to try to check it out for myself soon.



  1. Soon we shall feast on empanadas every night! Sorry Dash Dogs, you don’t stay open late enough.

  2. Obviously the people at Lowereatside have not been to Label, the NEW concept at the OLD rivington bar location. They did do a great job of describing Rivington Bar (which has been closed for 6 months by the way!)
    Anyways, for those of you who are judging us by this absurd reveiw, by people who have not even been to to Label, or know that there is a new owner who actually has a vision and concept…please stop by and see what we have going on. If your looking for a proper review, check out urbandaddy.com
    also … eater.com, thrillist.com, or raredaily.com
    Yes! we will be open 7 nights a week serving food and drinks for the neighborhood. see you soon.

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