Watch Out for the Ninjas On Your Way to the Loo

September 18, 2007


For J‘s birthday last January, I made reservations at Ninja down in the Tribeca neighborhood. I knew he’d like it—but I had no idea just how excited he’d be. He spent the entire night telling all his friends how awesome the place was:

1. You take an elevator all the way to the basement, where the restaurant is, and then a Ninja leads you through a dark corridor and people (all dressed in black) jump out and scare you along the way.

2. My appetizer had a samurai sword through it. When I pulled it out, steam billowed from inside the dish.

3. A very non-Asian Ninja with a very French mustache entertained us with silly magic tricks for a good 10 minutes.

4. Upon leaving, we got into the elevator, turned to face the closing doors, and watched as one final Ninja rapidly unrolled parchment that read: “Sayonara.”

But, apparently, we missed out on a very special part of Ninja—the bathrooms. I think it must’ve been the only time in my life that I ate an entire meal (sake included) and didn’t go to the bathroom once. According to Grub Street, they have installed Toto toilets that have remote-controlled “rear cleaning” and “front cleaning” streams, and a hot-air dryer. I’m not sure what this means—does it clean MY rear and front, or the toilet’s rear and front? Where is the hot-air blowing and why? Has anyone used one of these toilets before? If so, please explain!



  1. yeah Ninja! You forgot about the “rock garden”.

  2. http://www.cleanishappy.com/ i just found this link… crazy.

  3. Ahhh… I’m dying! You can choose between oscillating, pulsating, and “soft cleanse,” in your weird water wiping toilet options. And there’s a heated seat!!!! Wha….??

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