Are You a Real Top Chef Fan?

September 17, 2007


I am! And I have proof! I just took this quiz over at yumsugar that tested my Top Chef skillz… no I didn’t break down a chicken in under 2 minutes or finely dice a bunch of onions. I simply played a quick, Who Said This? And I scored 4/5, or 80%. Ok, so maybe I’m a B student. But it’s not bad. Take the quiz and tell me if you need to get out of the house and away from your TV as much as I do.

And since I brought up Top Chef, let me announce for the first time on this blog how much I love Harold (and the silly Bravo blog they make him do) and his restaurant Perilla, and that I will always consider him the one, and only, Top Chef. Eat it, Ilan.


One comment

  1. 60%, but i didnt watch season 1 or 2… ps. padma sucks.

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