What’s Worse Than Christmas With Your Cranky Relatives?

September 14, 2007


Answer: Christmas with Anthony Bourdain. According to Serious Eats, there’s going to be a holiday episode of No Reservations with special guests Queens of the Stone Age. While Bourdain slaves away in the kitchen preparing a traditional holiday feast at his Connecticut home, QOTSA rock out in the basement rec room. Huh? No idea what these two have in common, but… I can’t wait! Here’s Bourdain’s quote about the episode:

It’s a traditional Thanksgiving/Christmas meal with turkey, all the trimmings, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie … some Christmas carols … and a vicious brother-on-brother knife fight. We spent a fair amount of time spraying stage blood onto my niece and nephew’s face. What’s a holiday special without violent mayhem? I think it’s an honest reflection of the holiday season.

I always knew that sourpuss had some serious violent tendancies. Bourdain, I hope you get some payback for killing-off the beloved CJ.


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