Chocolate Craving? That’ll Cost You a Grand.

September 13, 2007


Check out this list of the five most expensive chocolates in the world from Trifter. The one above is from Knipschildt (god bless you!), and it costs $2,600 per pound.  Hmm.. I could eat some chocolate… or, I could pay my rent for 3 months. Tough call. I’ve had some pretty good chocolate in my day—fondue in Switzerland… umm… amazing. And, the lovely people at both Godiva and Cote d’Or once sent me an entire giant briefcase of treats, making me the number one go-to-girl for the 3pm chocolate craving in the office. I also got to go to a Dove event where there was an amazing chocolate fountain—something Jo the MasterBaker owns in the apartment. So what’s your fave?



  1. OMG i have my category now! YES! I better start planning my next baking caper….

    Lest you forget to mention the FREE chocolate fountain that resides outside the tea house palace on Ave B b/w 2nd and 3rd st. Yes people. FREE chocolate fountain! Just run away before they try to get you to go inside.

    My favorite chocolate dessert was at this little ice cream place in Margate NJ where me and my family used to go every summer when I was younger. They had the most AMAZING chocolate cake with chocolate frosting then covered in chocolate chips. I am forever trying to re-create the recipe. One day… one day…

  2. Nice, I should get to be a guest contributor.. anyway, favorite chocolate, hmm… any kind that’s in a brownie and surrounded by vanilla ice cream.

  3. chocolate fountain fondue

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