The Second Goodbye of the Week

September 9, 2007


This morning/afternoon we had brunch at Cafe Mogador on 8th St between 1st and Ave A. Such yummy food—I highly recommend the Middle Eastern eggs with delicious hummus and pita… yum yum (see photo below). But again, so sad to say goodbye. Tomorrow morning Kate officially leaves New York to escape on her year of grand adventure. That means our trio is breaking up! For the last 2 years, these are the two girls who have held me up—they came to my apartment and brought me cupcakes after my ex-boyfriend spontaneously combusted. And then they listened with anxious ears when I talked for a month straight about the new (and way better) boyfriend. We’ve even traveled across the world together where we survived hostels, endless flights and buses, and large amounts of over-aggressive Brazilian navy-men. Over the last 2 years (and 3 years of college), we drank enormous amounts of wine, margaritas, mimosas, and sangria (Tapeo 29 will miss you, Kate), and we never ran out of things to talk about. These are my friends for life. And I will miss Sunday morning brunch with my girls.



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