Lunching with the Carnies

September 4, 2007


Over the weekend, Kris and I went with a few friends to the Columbia County Fair in upstate New York.  Highlights included a concert by The Bacon Brothers (Kevin Bacon’s band), a traveling zoo where we pet a baby kangaroo, and amazing quantities of fatty, greasy, disgusting, carnival food.  I steered clear of any potential heartburn and got a simple hotdog and “fresh squeezed” lemonade.  But other delights that made it into the group were funnel cake, tacos, gyros, and meatball sandwiches.  One friend was very disappointed when no one would go in on a blooming onion with him.  Really, we all commented on how horrible this scene was—very heavy, obese people diving into a “Bucket-O-Fries” made me realize just how bad the obesity epidemic is outside of NYC.  But that’s beside the point.  Check out the amazing sausages we BBQed that night to fit in with the crowd.



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  1. that is one good lookin’ couple!

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